The Main Reason Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

In the year 2002, a survey was conducted in which Americans were asked to rank the most important devices in their lives. The mobile phone ranked a sad fourth behind the internet, television and land line phone respectively. Fast forward five years later and the results were quite interesting. When a similar study was carried out in 2007, the results showed that Americans ranked mobile phones as the number one device that they could not live without. The fact of the matter is, mobile phones have permeated every aspect of human life that many people go to bed with their phones and it is the first item of modern communication that they use when they wake up in the morning.

Statistics show that it is essential for you to have a website that is customized for mobile devices. It is a fact that ‘local volume search’ grows exponentially every year by about 50% of the previous year. In the year 2009, there were 1 billion local searches. In 2010, it shot up to 1.5 billion searches. In 2011, this went up to 2.3 billion searches. The mobile browser is the number one search device for local information. There are 20.7 local searches done per month on mobile browsers.

If your business’ website cannot be accessed via a mobile browser, you are at a great disadvantage. Studies have shown that 80% of people do researches online before making a purchase even when the purchase in question is going to be done offline.Which is why, you should really make an important decision about choose a mobile web design company that will help you build your mobile website for your business.
The question that you may ask at this juncture is, “Can’t people access my normal desktop website through their mobile devices?” Truth be told, the answer is yes. But there are some obstacles to this. The first of these obstacles is the navigation. When accessing a standard desktop website through a mobile device, you will have to scroll not only up and down but left and right as well. This is quite cumbersome and will make many people log off before they read anything. Another obstacle is the font size. When viewed on a mobile website, the font of desktop websites appears too small. Therefore, even though you can access a desktop via a mobile device, it is much better and more convenient to your potential clients to access a mobile website of your regular website. So it is important to make sure that you will choose a web design company who specialises in mobile website development to make sure that your investment on your mobile website will not go waste.

Another important feature of mobile websites is the mobile redirect feature. When you use a mobile website, any hyperlinks and redirects are going to be only to other mobile websites. You will therefore not have to worry about your readers being redirected to desktop websites when you wanted them to keep enjoying the convenience of reading on mobile websites.

In conclusion, in today’s world of cut-throat competition, you cannot afford to lose a single sale. You want to make sure that whatever it is that you sell is as much as possible. A mobile website could be the difference between capturing a certain section of the market and losing it to your competitor altogether.

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The Importance of Having a Mobile Website

The Importance of Having a Mobile Website

The-Importance-of-having-a-mobile-websiteHaving a website is an essential part for the progress of any business. Your business needs a website because the modern customer knows that he or she does not have to burn gas driving from the home to the store to buy goods. In fact, if the website that you have does not have the ability for your targeted customer to have everything delivered on his or her doorstep without him or her having to move a finger, then you should ask yourself some really important questions about the relevance of your website. On top of this, it is important that you have a mobile website for your company. There are numerous advantages of this and most of these will be discussed in this article.

First and foremost, the relevance of this cannot be underestimated. Statistics show that at the moment, there are more mobile devices worldwide than there are personal computer connections. Marketing and advertising are all about reaching as many people as possible. Companies advertise in billboards because there are many people who see billboards. The same goes for other forms of mass media such as newspapers, radio commercials and television adverts. That being said, the statistics that have been quoted above show that there are a lot of people who use mobile phones. Ignoring mobile websites means that you are missing a very large number of people who can be easily accessed and targeted to be made aware of the existence of your website.

Another reason why you should be strongly concerned about advertising over mobile devices is because the mobile phone is a very personal device. When you look at billboards, newspapers, radios and television commercials, all these media have the possibility to be shared by more than one person. This is not the case with mobile phones. Research has shown that as much as 63% of married couples do not share their mobile phones with their spouses. This gives you as the business person, all the more reason to aggressively invest in a mobile website. While one person may share what he or she sees in a television commercial, this is not the case with a mobile website. You therefore want to make sure that as many individuals as possible have access to that website. You can often find a mobile website reseller for this.

mobile-website-designThe biggest advantage that comes with having a mobile phone website is due to, well, the mobility of the phone. Some people usually want to access certain things or have certain information when they are on the move. While there is the option of using a laptop or a netbook to connect to the internet, the mobile phone is a more convenient gadget as it is always on and is very small. Also, not as many people have laptops as do mobile phones. You therefore want to capture this group of people that wants to access the internet while they are in a bus, a taxi, on a plane or camping at a place where they do not have laptops and/or PCs but have mobile phones.

Another reason why you want to have a mobile website is merely for the fact that you want to capture as wide a market as possible. This means that, to take an arbitrary example, even if statistics showed that very few people have mobile phones, it would still be necessary to have a mobile website. The fact remains that there are people who access the internet through websites and you do not want to lose this market. Your competitors could move to capture this market and this could be the difference between you becoming an industry leader in your respective industry or playing second fiddle to your competitors.

All of these factors contribute to the importance of having a mobile website.

75% of the World has Mobile Phones

best-mobile-websiteAccording to a new study from “The World Bank“, approximately 3/4th’s of the world’s population has access to a mobile device or smartphone.

Are you understanding this? 3/4th’s of THE WORLD. What is 75% of 7 BILLION people? That’s over 5 billion people that are using their smartphones to browse to find information.

For one, this is a sign of the importance of mobile technology, but more importantly this is a HUGE opportunity for marketers around the world to adjust the way they are interacting with their customers.

If you are not positioning you or your company for a mobile platform, you are going to lose the battle with the mobile revolution.

worldwide-mobile-movementBottom line – If you are not positioning you or your company for a mobile platform, you are going to lose the battle with the mobile revolution.

“Mobile communications offer major opportunities to advance human and economic development –- from providing basic access to health information to making cash payments, spurring job creation, and stimulating citizen involvement in democratic processes.” – Rachel Kyte, World Bank Vice President for Sustainable Development

It is clear that mobile is not going anywhere. And it is amazing that 73% of small businesses have not adopted mobile technology yet. Get ahead of the competition by implementing a mobile optimized website today. Your customers will will thank you, and your business will flourish because of it!

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What Does Pinterest Tell Us About Mobile Marketing

How To Design A Mobile Website

How-To-Design-A-Mobile-WebsitePhotos and videos draw us in naturally, causing us to click around sites and spend more time on them with joyous and reckless abandon. That’s why Pinterest has had so much success in such a short time and Facebook is struggling to change the ways its 900+ million users behave.

This is great for mobile marketers, because as Pinterest grows through this mobile revolution, it is going to give companies who have mobile optimized websites an advantage as 35% of Pinterest’s traffic is coming from mobile devices. As users continue to fall in love with mobile devices in record numbers, the visual strategies that work on Pinterest will become more and more effective across ALL online marketing channels, especially mobile websites.


Why You Need To Pay Attention to Pinterest

The main reason you need to pay attention to the Pinterest explosion is two fold. 1) It has exploded because of their great mobile app, and 2) because people love visuals/photos.

This gives us some insight on how to approach our mobile website design.

Design Tips:

  • Use more images, less words – when users are on the go images are better than stuffing text into your page
  • Easy navigation is key – allow users to jump from different pages of the site back to the homepage, and vice versa
  • “Click to” buttons – Click to call, click for directions, click to email, etc.  These make it easy for consumers to get in touch with the business.

As you can see, you can learn a lot from Pinterest, the new social media giant.  And smart marketers will use this information when they look to design a mobile website.   Contact us to help us design a site for you –

Why Mobile Websites Have Still Not Caught On

The fact of the matter is that mobile websites are still not being used by most offline business owners. The main reason is that business owners do not understand just how massive the mobile market is at this moment in time and why creating mobile websites will help their business.

So how do you get the message across to business owners that they need mobile friendly websites? One way is to discover examples of existing offline businesses that are yet to use mobile websites.

mobile website austinMany small businesses spend a fortune on getting new customers to their website. Whether they are paying google through an adwords account, or they are using an SEO company to drive more traffic their way, they are spending a large budget on getting “new customers”. But what happens when 30% of this new traffic they are getting access their site from a mobile device and they are not presented with a mobile websites design? Bounce rate is over 50% and they are losing out on opportunity! This is why they need to build mobile website.

Creating mobile version of website

I am pretty sure that you are sick of hearing about mobile websites and how you can create a simple mobile website online. There are a lot of mobile website building tools that allow you to build cool mobile websites. A lot of these services offer the service of creating a mobile website for a small monthly charge. What business owner doesn’t realize is that this is just to get their business, and that the real expense is after the client has no other option. The best mobile websites are built by local companies like Mobile Clarity, where the business owner can have direct dialogue with the developers to ensure their mobile website presents exactly what their customer base is looking for.

best mobile websites

Determining the need for a Mobile Website Design

By identifying the problem first you will see exactly what is happening with the website.

  • What does your website currently look like on a mobile device?
  • Does it load properly?
  • Does the user have to horizontally scroll to see all of the data?
  • Do they have to pinch and zoom in/out to read the information on the site?
  • Is the phone number click to call?

Contact Mobile Clarity to build your mobile optimized website today.

What Makes Up A Good Mobile Site

You’ve made the right decision to go mobile, but now you need to decide what is important to your mobile users? What information do you need to provide at their fingertips? Mobile-Clarity has done the research and we know exactly what your customers want. Let’s explore what you need and why…

Phone – so a customer can call you with one click.
Map/Location – so a customer can find your business on the go.
Services/Menu – so customer can find out about your business.
Contact Form – so a customer can request a consultation.
Analytics – so you can see how your site is performing.
YouTube – so a customer can watch your mobile videos straight from their smartphones.


Click to Call

Customers on the go are looking for your phone number. Make it easy for them to reach you with a single push of a button. It is important to have this on your homepage, as 45% of your customers are simply looking to dial your number.



The second most important thing to provide your customers is easy access to your locations. This link will directly connect users to their map interface where they can view your address and ask the phone to pull it up on their GPS device.




Next you need to let your mobile visitors know what you are all about. Provide brief information about the services you provide, or if you are a restaurant, having a mobile menu is one of the most important pieces of content you can offer!



Contact Form

The second most important thing to provide your customers is easy access to your locations. This link will directly connect users to their map interface where they can view your address and ask the phone to pull it up on their GPS device.



You finally made the move to mobile. Good work. But now you need to keep an eye on how your visitors are interacting. What pages are they viewing? How long are they staying? Are they leaving your site? Why, and how can you make changes to keep them there? We provide this reporting to you so you can continue to improve your site.



YouTube Videos

Video is the most engaging type of content that you can add to your page. People love videos. People watch videos. If you already have videos created, it is very easy to embed them on your mobile site. Just let us know where to find them, and Mobile Clarity takes care of the rest.


Building Mobile Websites

build a mobile website austinCreating a mobile website template is something that is top of mind for many business owners these days. Mobile websites are something that will help your customers interact with your website from a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android device. The best mobile websites include click to call buttons, location and directions, and some sort of request contact form.

Build A Mobile Website

As you can see Mobile Clarity specializes in creating mobile websites for small businesses. Give us a call to help you with your mobile website design!

Shopping Using Mobile Websites

mobile website examplesThe internet has slowly become an integral part in the way business in done. The global need to in use of the online world was a foreseeable phenomenon, which is now reality. Now we are seeing a re-invention of how we are using mobile internet.

It is important for businesses to capitalize on this new mobile movement, buy focusing on social circles and business to consumer mobile marketing. Mobile websites are now a common direction to which many corporates are pegging their growth on. They know that many people love the idea of shopping while using mobile devices and smartphones.

The beauty of using a mobile website is you deliver only the content that is useful to the mobile user, instead of the in-depth content of the site designed for PC’s and laptops. All these have brought about the huge drive to excel in mobile internet marketing and companies have made the appropriate move. Amazon, eBay to mention but a few, all have mobile websites that have everything a shopper needs. This is now becoming important for local companies to implement as well.

The rise of mobile shopping and uses of mobile websites for other needs go both ways. Businesses get to have a broader outreach to the millions of mobile gadget users, increasing on their market credibility. The shopper on the other hand has a better user experience while shopping around online before deciding on their purchase. As a marketing strategy to rake in the customers by their numbers, every business seeks to have an appealing mobile website. They want to give every possible reason and utilize every angle there is in internet marketing to make a killing and to cater to their mobile audience.

So what do you need to look for with mobile website design?  This is where the need for a strong and appealing interface comes into play. This is where Mobile Clarity differentiates itself.  We use the companies’ image, products and services and put together a beautiful easy to navigate mobile website that will please your customers.

It is time to enter the mobile movement.  Get a step above your competition by implementing a mobile website into your strategy now.

Latest Austin Mobile Website Designs

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A new stat shows that mobile web will rule by 2015. Morgan Stanley has looked at the most important online trends and has predicted that mobile online shopping will increase by 400% in the next 3 years. This is especially important for local businesses. If you are not catering to your audience with a mobile online experience, you are losing out on business.

Mobile Clarity builds mobile websites for businesses like yours. We have done the research and know what mobile customers want from their mobile experience. Not only do we know what mobile consumers want, but we know what google wants. Google knows that mobile search is on the rise and they want to reward businesses that buy in to the mobile movement. If you have a mobile website implemented you will get a better quality score from Google’s adwords program, which will result in a lower cost per click. You will also get a higher SEO ranking if you have a mobile website.
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If уоu аrе wondering іf уоur current website design will bе еnоugh tо appease mobile web surfers, іt wоuld bе thе perfect time tо start checking аnd building а mobile website. Remember thаt уоur current website design іs mаdе fоr computers. Smartphones vary іn thеіr display sо уоu nеvеr knоw hоw уоur site wоuld lооk іn а раrtісulаr phone model.
When designing mobile websites, уоu аlsо nееd tо follow а dіffеrеnt set оf rules. Тhе basics mіght bе thе sаmе but уоu wоuld hаvе tо work wіth а limited space оwіng tо thе fact thаt Smartphones hаvе rеlаtіvеlу smaller displays. Оnе оf thе mоst іmроrtаnt things уоu shоuld factor іn whеn building а mobile website іs user-friendliness. Тhе easier уоur site tо usе, thе better chance уоu hаvе оf keeping people interested іn уоur website аnd whаt уоu hаvе tо offer.

Your online business mіght bе booming rіght nоw but dоn’t forget tо lооk аt еvеn mоrе chances tо dо better. Mobile website optimization іs thе logical nехt step аnd іf уоu lооk аt thе reasons аbоvе, уоu саn easily infer thаt starting оnе today іs thе best course оf action.
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Best Features for Mobile Website Landing Page

Everyone is converting their website to a mobile optimized version. But should you just take all of the content from your regular site and convert it to a mobile friendly version on your mobile website landing page? No! Mobile users don’t want all of that content! They are looking for specific items. Below we have compiled a list of the best Mobile Lead Magnets for your mobile website landing page that will help consumers engage your site.
mobile website landing page

  • Mobile Coupons
  • Maps/Directions
  • Hours of Operation
  • Phone Number (click to call)
  • Menu’s
  • List of products/services
  • Reviews/Testimonials
  • Discount Offers
  • Event Information
  • Interesting Content
  • Fast facts, tips, FAQ’s
  • Mobile Opt In
  • A recorded message