Going Mobile in 2012

Mobile Website Optimization in 2012

Mobile search is playing a much larger role in consumer’s shopping experience. The consumer base is now using mobile devices throughout the purchasing process from pre-sale to post-sale. Local businesses are realizing this and working with companies like Mobile Clarity to develop mobile optimized content to improve their user online experience. Let’s look at 4 ways to better understand the mobile movement.

1. Recognize that Mobile is a Big Deal

Mobile search was up 30% over the Thanksgiving weekend of 2012. Estimates show that mobile search will surpass searches from computers sometime in 2013. Mobile search is not a trend, it is reality.

2. Mobile Customers = Young/Wealthy Customers

Mobile searchers are young, experienced with technology, and ready to buy. 61% of mobile users are under the age of 34, however the average mobile user has a higher average income – including 48% earning more than $75,000 per year. Local businesses that tap into the mobile community now will be well positioned to reach the young/wealthy consumers over the long term.

3. Influence Mobile Shoppers During Pre-Purchase

Mobile searchers are relying on their mobile devices before they buy. Restaurant goers are using yelp to find menu items others enjoy. Retail shoppers are checking consumer reviews. All shoppers are looking for store locations, phone numbers, and coupons online. Use this information to help consumers navigate through the purchase decision. Make sure you have a mobile website so they can find contact and location information. Include product information, reviews, and online coupons and you will be positioned well.

4. Ensure In-Store Visits Result In Sales

Mobile consumers aren’t just using their devices before they arrive at the store. They also use them while they are in stores. Nearly 20% of mobile shoppers text or call family and friends to discuss a product, while 14.2% take a picture of a product and 11.6% send a picture of a product to family and friends. Display QR codes for mobile shoppers to scan that allows them to easily send high-resolution images and other information that makes the products in question look their best.

Mobile Clarity understands the need for mobile optimized content, and the best way to utilize and convey this information to not only improve your customers online experience, but more importantly to improve conversion and drive more sales. Give us a shout today to discuss your mobile site..