Mobile Technology Changing Consumers Buying Habits

As technology constantly grows, more individuals begin to partake in the newest trends by accumulating as much of the new products as possible.  With the use of smart phones across the world, you are provided with the opportunity to view websites from your hand held device which can prove to be exponentially beneficial.  As a company, if you are looking to acquire a connection with these “on-the-go” users, implementing a mobile website can prove to be beneficial.  With the use of mobile websites, customers and consumers will be able to gather an improved experience while they look for information.

Mobile websites are essentially the same as traditional websites aside from a few features.  Mobile websites are generally designed to fit on smaller sized screens whereas traditional websites are meant to be read from 13”-20” monitors and televisions.  With mobile websites you will notice that the webpages will be a more simplified version of the original website where images and downloadable content is removed so that the page loads faster.  Considering that it is rare for a smart phone to have the same processing speed as a computer, simplified websites are used by an abundance of different companies.

There are four important factors to consider prior to implementing a mobile website into your marketing scheme and they include:

• Having the ability to tailor your content so that it appeases the consumers and customers that are traveling
• Implementing a touch-screen friendly interface that is simple for consumers to interact with
• Try to avoid too much clutter due to the fact that the customer is probably looking for information rather than to be impressed by graphics
• Make the interface user-friendly so that navigation is simple and easy to control

The reason as to why the aforementioned factors are of high importance is because this will provide a first impression to current and prospective customers.  If you create a website that is difficult to understand and that is unappealing to the eye, the customer may not even give your company a chance which will leaving a lasting negative impression.  Considering that you are looking to acquire the highest profits and the most positive feedback, keeping it simple yet implementing fun features can prove to be beneficial.

As the popularity of the internet and smart phones increases, more and more individuals will be partaking in the use of a mobile website.  Ensuring that your mobile website is up to par will help you to impress more clients and put your company as a front runner in the mobile industry.   Let Mobile Clarity help you bridge the technology gap by creating a mobile website for your company.  Submit for a free mockup of your homepage here.