Mobile Website Optimization

Mobile Website Optimization is something that business owners need to implement in 2012.

What is the mobile optimized website definition?
In August of 2011 mobile browsing represented 8% of all internet traffic. This number is expected to grow by 1% each month for the next 4 years. Think about that. This means in August of 2012 we’ll be at 20%, and in August of 2013 we’ll be at 32%. Do you see that there is a mobile movement going on? And your business needs to get in the game!

There are many mobile website optimization tools. View Markteting Land’s article here –

Over 100 million Americans have smartphones and it has changed the way we live our lives. Our cell phones are with us every second of the day, whether we are driving and looking for directions, or in a store using it to compare prices, or simply even for entertainment while in the bathroom. (Don’t be embarrassed, 47% of Americans admit to using their cell phone in the bathroom.) Google mobile website optimization and you will get over 52 million search results. Convinced it is important yet?


Mobile Website Search Optimization will help you get more visitors to your site, increase online consumers, and increase your overall consumer engagement. The best part is that only about 4% of local business websites are mobile ready, so you can still be ahead of the curve. Website optimization for mobile phones search seo is also important, and that is something we take in mind when creating your site.

Mobile Website Optimization by Mobile Clarity

Mobile Clarity will take your regular website and build a mobile website that is optimized for mobile devices. This is called mobile website optimization. Mobile Clarity offers this service on a subscription basis with no contracts and no cancellation fees. Your monthly payment includes hosting, unlimited revisions, and on-call customer support service. View our client portfolio, our satisfied customers, and our prices. Contact us today to get started!


Search around our site, and you will soon realize that the key is mobile website optimization.