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Caterers – Why You Need a Mobile Website

When it comes to mobile marketing, the restaurant industry leads the industry on search queries and page views. Simply because people are on the go and looking for the nearest place to eat.

Coincidentally, the catering industry is not too far behind. Search queries for catering companies are up 45% on mobile devices. By 2014, 37% of people looking for a catering company will be looking from their cell phone.  Is your site ready?

How Does It Work?

We use your existing site and create a mobile optimized version that will be pulled up on cell phones when people find your site when they are on your phone. Navigating the mobile site will be 10 times easier, and it is equipped with click-to-call buttons, click-to-email, simple form submissions, and all of the necessary data at a users fingertips.

Installation is easy, as we just have to ad one line of code to your existing site and poof! When a user goes to your website from their mobile phone, they are automatically directed to your mobile version. They are pleased to see that you are on the technology cutting edge, and they easily navigate your site and can contact you at a click of a button!


Below are a few selections of mobile sites we’ve created for the catering industry.

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