The Importance of Having a Mobile Website

The Importance of Having a Mobile Website

The-Importance-of-having-a-mobile-websiteHaving a website is an essential part for the progress of any business. Your business needs a website because the modern customer knows that he or she does not have to burn gas driving from the home to the store to buy goods. In fact, if the website that you have does not have the ability for your targeted customer to have everything delivered on his or her doorstep without him or her having to move a finger, then you should ask yourself some really important questions about the relevance of your website. On top of this, it is important that you have a mobile website for your company. There are numerous advantages of this and most of these will be discussed in this article.

First and foremost, the relevance of this cannot be underestimated. Statistics show that at the moment, there are more mobile devices worldwide than there are personal computer connections. Marketing and advertising are all about reaching as many people as possible. Companies advertise in billboards because there are many people who see billboards. The same goes for other forms of mass media such as newspapers, radio commercials and television adverts. That being said, the statistics that have been quoted above show that there are a lot of people who use mobile phones. Ignoring mobile websites means that you are missing a very large number of people who can be easily accessed and targeted to be made aware of the existence of your website.

Another reason why you should be strongly concerned about advertising over mobile devices is because the mobile phone is a very personal device. When you look at billboards, newspapers, radios and television commercials, all these media have the possibility to be shared by more than one person. This is not the case with mobile phones. Research has shown that as much as 63% of married couples do not share their mobile phones with their spouses. This gives you as the business person, all the more reason to aggressively invest in a mobile website. While one person may share what he or she sees in a television commercial, this is not the case with a mobile website. You therefore want to make sure that as many individuals as possible have access to that website. You can often find a mobile website reseller for this.

mobile-website-designThe biggest advantage that comes with having a mobile phone website is due to, well, the mobility of the phone. Some people usually want to access certain things or have certain information when they are on the move. While there is the option of using a laptop or a netbook to connect to the internet, the mobile phone is a more convenient gadget as it is always on and is very small. Also, not as many people have laptops as do mobile phones. You therefore want to capture this group of people that wants to access the internet while they are in a bus, a taxi, on a plane or camping at a place where they do not have laptops and/or PCs but have mobile phones.

Another reason why you want to have a mobile website is merely for the fact that you want to capture as wide a market as possible. This means that, to take an arbitrary example, even if statistics showed that very few people have mobile phones, it would still be necessary to have a mobile website. The fact remains that there are people who access the internet through websites and you do not want to lose this market. Your competitors could move to capture this market and this could be the difference between you becoming an industry leader in your respective industry or playing second fiddle to your competitors.

All of these factors contribute to the importance of having a mobile website.