The Main Reason Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

In the year 2002, a survey was conducted in which Americans were asked to rank the most important devices in their lives. The mobile phone ranked a sad fourth behind the internet, television and land line phone respectively. Fast forward five years later and the results were quite interesting. When a similar study was carried out in 2007, the results showed that Americans ranked mobile phones as the number one device that they could not live without. The fact of the matter is, mobile phones have permeated every aspect of human life that many people go to bed with their phones and it is the first item of modern communication that they use when they wake up in the morning.

Statistics show that it is essential for you to have a website that is customized for mobile devices. It is a fact that ‘local volume search’ grows exponentially every year by about 50% of the previous year. In the year 2009, there were 1 billion local searches. In 2010, it shot up to 1.5 billion searches. In 2011, this went up to 2.3 billion searches. The mobile browser is the number one search device for local information. There are 20.7 local searches done per month on mobile browsers.

If your business’ website cannot be accessed via a mobile browser, you are at a great disadvantage. Studies have shown that 80% of people do researches online before making a purchase even when the purchase in question is going to be done offline.Which is why, you should really make an important decision about choose a mobile web design company that will help you build your mobile website for your business.
The question that you may ask at this juncture is, “Can’t people access my normal desktop website through their mobile devices?” Truth be told, the answer is yes. But there are some obstacles to this. The first of these obstacles is the navigation. When accessing a standard desktop website through a mobile device, you will have to scroll not only up and down but left and right as well. This is quite cumbersome and will make many people log off before they read anything. Another obstacle is the font size. When viewed on a mobile website, the font of desktop websites appears too small. Therefore, even though you can access a desktop via a mobile device, it is much better and more convenient to your potential clients to access a mobile website of your regular website. So it is important to make sure that you will choose a web design company who specialises in mobile website development to make sure that your investment on your mobile website will not go waste.

Another important feature of mobile websites is the mobile redirect feature. When you use a mobile website, any hyperlinks and redirects are going to be only to other mobile websites. You will therefore not have to worry about your readers being redirected to desktop websites when you wanted them to keep enjoying the convenience of reading on mobile websites.

In conclusion, in today’s world of cut-throat competition, you cannot afford to lose a single sale. You want to make sure that whatever it is that you sell is as much as possible. A mobile website could be the difference between capturing a certain section of the market and losing it to your competitor altogether.

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