What Does Pinterest Tell Us About Mobile Marketing

How To Design A Mobile Website

How-To-Design-A-Mobile-WebsitePhotos and videos draw us in naturally, causing us to click around sites and spend more time on them with joyous and reckless abandon. That’s why Pinterest has had so much success in such a short time and Facebook is struggling to change the ways its 900+ million users behave.

This is great for mobile marketers, because as Pinterest grows through this mobile revolution, it is going to give companies who have mobile optimized websites an advantage as 35% of Pinterest’s traffic is coming from mobile devices. As users continue to fall in love with mobile devices in record numbers, the visual strategies that work on Pinterest will become more and more effective across ALL online marketing channels, especially mobile websites.


Why You Need To Pay Attention to Pinterest

The main reason you need to pay attention to the Pinterest explosion is two fold. 1) It has exploded because of their great mobile app, and 2) because people love visuals/photos.

This gives us some insight on how to approach our mobile website design.

Design Tips:

  • Use more images, less words – when users are on the go images are better than stuffing text into your page
  • Easy navigation is key – allow users to jump from different pages of the site back to the homepage, and vice versa
  • “Click to” buttons – Click to call, click for directions, click to email, etc.  These make it easy for consumers to get in touch with the business.

As you can see, you can learn a lot from Pinterest, the new social media giant.  And smart marketers will use this information when they look to design a mobile website.   Contact us to help us design a site for you – http://mobile-clarity.com/contact.