Why Mobile Websites Have Still Not Caught On

The fact of the matter is that mobile websites are still not being used by most offline business owners. The main reason is that business owners do not understand just how massive the mobile market is at this moment in time and why creating mobile websites will help their business.

So how do you get the message across to business owners that they need mobile friendly websites? One way is to discover examples of existing offline businesses that are yet to use mobile websites.

mobile website austinMany small businesses spend a fortune on getting new customers to their website. Whether they are paying google through an adwords account, or they are using an SEO company to drive more traffic their way, they are spending a large budget on getting “new customers”. But what happens when 30% of this new traffic they are getting access their site from a mobile device and they are not presented with a mobile websites design? Bounce rate is over 50% and they are losing out on opportunity! This is why they need to build mobile website.

Creating mobile version of website

I am pretty sure that you are sick of hearing about mobile websites and how you can create a simple mobile website online. There are a lot of mobile website building tools that allow you to build cool mobile websites. A lot of these services offer the service of creating a mobile website for a small monthly charge. What business owner doesn’t realize is that this is just to get their business, and that the real expense is after the client has no other option. The best mobile websites are built by local companies like Mobile Clarity, where the business owner can have direct dialogue with the developers to ensure their mobile website presents exactly what their customer base is looking for.

best mobile websites

Determining the need for a Mobile Website Design

By identifying the problem first you will see exactly what is happening with the website.

  • What does your website currently look like on a mobile device?
  • Does it load properly?
  • Does the user have to horizontally scroll to see all of the data?
  • Do they have to pinch and zoom in/out to read the information on the site?
  • Is the phone number click to call?

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